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Female Figures

1973 - 2000

The sensual reliefs led to the introspective female figures from the late 1970′s.

'Living in Provence...he at last found the freedom to express his own uninhibited pleasure in the human body itself . ..The nape of a neck, the tension behind a knee or the fall of a shoulder are celebrated with the same respect and pleasure as the more obvious erotic elements of breast, belly or thigh.'
          Geoffrey lreland, Catalogue intro to 'Ralph Brown Sculptures in Bronze', Beaux Arts, Bath,1983

'Casual seeming but every rhythm is calculated and convincing: the contracted shoulders, their proportions subtly narrowed, the contrast between the taut rounded flesh of the limbs and the relaxed flesh of the body, Every detail is significant. '

           W H Strachan, introductory essay: Ralph Brown - a new sculpture and recent drawings Taranman Gallery

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